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Restructuring of XML configurations in Symantec Protection Engine 7.8


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS




Symantec Protection Engine 7.8 does not have the user interface. You must use the XML modifier command-line tool to configure and administrate all tasks in the Symantec Protection Engine. You can configure the Symantec Protection Engine options by modifying the data in the XML files.

If you have used Core Server only mode of Symantec Protection Engine in previous versions, please note that configuration XML files and XML tags are now restructured for an easy administration. The related policies and configurations are consolidated at a common place so that administrator can configure them easily.

The attached Excel file SPE_PolicyRestructuring_XPATHS.xlsx lists all the old XPaths, new XPaths, old and new XML file names, type of a change, and removed XPaths. 


SPE_PolicyRestructuring_XPATHS.xlsx get_app