Workflow 8.0 Point Fix Roll-up
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Workflow 8.0 Point Fix Roll-up


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The following issues have been addressed and resolved in the point fix roll up. All these fixes will be included in the next update when it is released. Once the update is released all customers who've applied the point fix roll-up will need to upgrade.

Please note:

  • The roll-up has not gone through the full suite of testing normally associated with a regular release.
  • The roll-up must be installed in a test environment and be tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A Symantec support engineer should assist with the initial installation of the roll-up.
  • Before applying this roll-up it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your ProcessManager database. There is no option to uninstall this roll-up once it is applied. If the customer must back out the roll-up they will need to completely re-install Workflow and restore the backed up database.

To acquire the roll-up please contact Symantec Technical Support and reference this article.

Etrack # Explanation of Issue Build Date Build Version
3921477 When newly imported AD users try to automatically authenticate to ProcessManager portal, they get an error "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3921594 Change the Installer Messaging for UTC time updates 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3903202 L10N::XENG::Error occurs while AD sync process 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3910885 CE - Knowledge Management Pages do not refresh correctly 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3903999 L10N::DE::Technician Dashboard::'Incidents This Month by Status'::Select Process::String is clipped 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3904012 L10N::DE_PT-BR_RU_FR_ES::Admin::Process Automation::Strings are misaligned. 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32
3932162 Knowledge base categories do not work in Portal. 04/25/2016 8.0.3000.32



Symantec.Workflow.Setup.8.0.3000.32.exe get_app