Is there a way to see which packages have not been downloaded by package servers or to see package-to-package server information?
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Is there a way to see which packages have not been downloaded by package servers or to see package-to-package server information?


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


 How to determine which packages have not been downloaded by package servers


ITMS 8.x


Within various views in the console, such as "Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings"  When a server is selected (that has the Package Service installed), it will provide a very brief count of packages assigned, as well as those that are ready, pending, and invalid. But it does not provide a list of what packages are in which category.

It has been asked if there is a way to get that information.

Attached to this article is the file "Package and Package Server Information.xml" which can be imported. Details are as follows:

  1. Save the file attached "Package and Package Server Information.xml" to this article to a local folder.
  2. Open the SMP console and go to "Reports"
  3. Right-click on the root folder, or create a subfolder, then import the XML.
  4. When the import will create a new folder named "Package and Package Server Information". Under this folder will be two subfolders "Package Servers" and "Packages"

Report(s) Usage:

"Package Servers" folder

            Individual Package Server Statistics

When run, will give a brief overview of each known package server, including the count of packages  “Ready”,  packages “Not Ready”, and packages declared “invalid"

Double-click on a package server in the results, and it will pass the package server information to the report “Package to Package Server Information”.    This report allows you to select, from the dropdown report parameters boxes specific information.         All,   Ready,   Not Ready.


Package Name:             The name of the package.

Server:                           The name of the current package server selected.

Status on PS:                 The status of the package on the selected package server.

Status on NS:                  The status of the package on the SMP (if the SMP doesn’t have it available the PS will not be able to download it either). 

Download Time:              The date and time the package was downloaded

Download Source:          The source and path from which the package was downloaded (if it is ready).

Package Version:            The version of the package on the SMP. The PS must have the same version of the package snapshot in order to have it ready.


“Packages” folder

            Individual Package Statistics


When run this report shows the birds-eye statistics of all known packages and the count of package servers with the package ready, not ready, or if the package is not assigned.

The report also shows the method by which the package is set to be assigned

All Package Servers:  The package is immediately made available to all package servers for download.

Package Servers Individually:  The package is only made available to certain individual package servers.

Assigned by Site:  The package will only be assigned to package servers within specific sites.

Automatic with Manual Prestaging:  The package will only be made available to package servers who reside on the site of a client who asked for info about the package.


If you double-click on a row returned by the report, the package will be passed to the report:


         Individual Package to Package Servers Information 

This report provides much of the same information as “Package to Package Server Information” except that it allows for the selection of specific package names and desired status.


Note: Starting with ITMS 8.5 Release, the following reports under "Reports > Notification Server Management > Server > Subnets and Sites Info" are available by default:


Package and Package Server Information.xml get_app