Detailed Import Patch Management for Windows access to SolutionSam


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


PM Imports may now fail, or you need to know information for whitelisting the Patch Management Import (PM Import) process.


Recent changes to the storage location for the PM Import data files


The Import Patch Management for Windows (PMImport) data location recently changed from an Akamai Server Farm, which managed the download of the primary cab and associated files. The default URL has not changed (, but whitelisting by IP addresses is now possible. The IP address is

Advisory: The Symantec Management Platform (SMP) Server uses Anonymous Authentication (IUSR) when calling the PMImport download and when downloading Software Bulletins to the SMP Server. The targeted sites do not recognize any local SMP Server's specific User Credentials and a specific User Credential is not called on the scheduled process. The System Account (Anonymous) is going to need to have clearance through network security from the SMP Server to the specified Vendor Sites. 

Note: If the Admin account is able to hit the URL in a browser; they merely have permissions for their user credentials to access the SolutionSam site or URL for downloading the Software Update.