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Symantec File Share Encryption 10.4 and previous may require significant time to complete Encryption\Decryption operations for larger folders


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Symantec File Share Encryption may require a significant amount of time to complete Encryption\Decryption routines for larger folders.  Some routines may not provide user feedback to indicate a process is still running successfully.

Symantec File Share Encryption folder verification has been improved in version 10.4 MP1.  Previously, a folder of 100GBs would take roughly 20 minutes to process, with no indication that the operation would take time.  Symantec File Share Encryption now displays a note in the UI upon clicking "Folder Status", which says "File Share Encryption is scanning this folder....", and has been improved many times over.  A folder that used to take 20 minutes to verify, could now take 2-3 minutes with File Share Encryption 10.4 MP1.