Automation Folder install and boot process
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Automation Folder install and boot process


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


This article explains the process in which the automation folder is installed and configured.  It also explains what is run to make a computer boot into the automation folder upon reboot.


The first step of the installer is to copy all the files, including boot.wim and boot.sdi, to the [C:]\boot\altiris\

After the files are in place, the following commands are executed.  These commands create a boot entry for the Automation folder and place it at end of bootmgr boot options. 

C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /create {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d02} /device /d "Symantec Deployment Solution Preboot Environment"
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d02} ramdisksdidevice partition=C:
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d02} ramdisksdipath \boot\altiris\iso\boot\boot.sdi
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /create {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} /d "Symantec Deployment Solution Preboot Environment" /application OSLOADER
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} device ramdisk=[C:]\boot\altiris\iso\sources\boot.wim,{e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d02}
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} path \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} osdevice ramdisk=[C:]\boot\altiris\iso\sources\boot.wim,{e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d02}
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} systemroot \windows
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} winpe yes
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} detecthal yes
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} bootlog yes
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /set {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} quietboot yes
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /displayorder {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01} /addlast

To have a machine load into the automation folder the task calls to the following command.    This can be scripted to be used by other processes if needed. 
autoutil.exe /a  

This in turn calls the command 
C:\boot\altiris\iso\bcdedit.exe  /bootsequence {e217309d-dead-beef-a315-001372be0d01}

This changes the newly added boot entry, the automation folder, to be the next boot sequence. So at next boot the machine will boot to automation folder.


Additional Information

It should be noted that automation folders are only supported on Microsoft OS's at this time and that only Win PE automation folders are supported.  Additionally installing automation folders is only supported on systems with a single OS and no other recovery boot options.      For more information on installing automation folders look at Ghost Solution Suite 3.X Automation Folder User Guide