Enabling Console on Symantec Protection Engine 7.5.x
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Enabling Console on Symantec Protection Engine 7.5.x


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From version 7.5.0 onwards, you have the option to install Symantec Protection Engine in the Core server only mode that allows you to administer and configure Symantec Protection Engine using the command-line interface. Since the Core server only mode uses the command-line interface to configure the options, it is independent of Java. The Symantec Protection Engine user interface requires Java to be installed prior to installing Symantec Protection Engine.

If you want to use SPE user interface, you must follow the steps below.  

  1. Install 32-bit latest version of Java.
  2. Provide the Java path in Environment variable in case of Windows platform.
  3. Stop Symantec Protection Engine service.
  4. Go to SPE installation directory.
  5. Edit the parameters in configuration.xml
    • xmlmodifier.exe  -s //configuration/resources/system/EnableJavaUI/@value true configuration.xml
    • xmlmodifier  -p  <Password> configuration.xml
    • Open the symcscan.sh and provide the Java lib path  like “JavaJRELib=/jre1.8.0_66/lib/i386” (This additional Step is required only when SPE server is Linux or Solaris machine)
  6. Start Symantec Protection Engine service.
  7. Open SPE Console link on supported web browser. - https://<IP of SPE server>:8004