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Windows Media Player cannot play the file error within Service Desk.


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While a ticket is open within Service Desk a Windows Media Player error randomly pops up stating that Windows Media Player cannot play the file. 

Why is this occurring and how can it be prevented?


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SDM 12.9SDM 14.1SDM 17.0


Most likely no errors will occur in the Service Desk logs but upon further investigation via a Fiddler trace the most likely cause is a "beep.wav" file which is being called by Service Desk.



One of the main reasons this file is called is from a Timer Setup configuration within Service Desk. Timer Setup can be accessed via the Administration tab-> Service Desk-> Application Data-> Codes-> Timer Setup.

Timer codes control the reminders to analysts that they have been working on a request longer than the recommended amount of time. This way of reminding analysts has the recommended amount of time defined as a threshold.


If any item in the Timer Setup list has Beep set to Yes, then Service Desk will attempt to play the beep.wav file. If this is not a requirement, set this option to No and the error should no longer occur.

If it is required then troubleshooting will need to be ran from the Windows Media Player,  such as: updating and/or reinstalling the Sound Card and Video Card drivers, install an updated codec, etc.



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