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Supported file types for true type file filtering feature of Symantec Protection Engine


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS




From Symantec Protection Engine 7.5.3 onwards, you can configure Symantec Protection Engine to handle the file based on its type. It blocks access to any top-level file that matches the file type. If a container file or email message contains a file or attachment that matches the file type, access to the entire container or message is blocked.

You can use wildcard characters for the files based on their categories to block the files. For example, you can use the wildcard image/* to block all files that fall under the image category.

For configuration details, see the “Configuring true type file filtering in Symantec Protection Engine” topic of the Symantec™ Protection Engine Implementation Guide.

The following file types are supported:

  • application/x86-win-32-exe
  • application/x-msi
  • video/mp4
  • video/mpeg
  • video/mpeg
  • video/quicktime
  • video/x-msvideo
  • video/x-ms-wmv
  • video/x-rm
  • video/x-shockwave-flash
  • image/bmp
  • image/gif
  • image/jpeg
  • image/tiff
  • image/tiff
  • image/x-ico
  • image/x-png
  • audio/it
  • audio/med
  • audio/midi
  • audio/mp3
  • audio/mp4
  • audio/ogg   
  • audio/x-aiff
  • audio/x-au
  • audio/x-au
  • audio/x-mid
  • audio/x-realaudio
  • audio/x-s3m
  • audio/x-wav