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FTP protocol support for LiveUpdate in Symantec Protection Engine 7.5.3


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Protection Engine for NAS




Earlier, only HTTP protocol was supported for LiveUpdate. From Symantec Protection Engine 7.5.3 onwards, you can use FTP protocol to download definitions from the desired (local) server.

To configure FTP in core server mode only

  1. Stop symcscan service.
  2. Update the settings below in liveupdate.xml by using xmlmodifier.

                              <protocol value=”ftp”/>

                              <server value=”<FTP server name or  IP”/>

                              <port value=”< Port Number>”/>

                              <path value=”< Path  of the Definitions”/>

  1. Start symcscan service.

To know how to use xmlmodifier, see the “About using XMLModifier in the Core server only mode” topic of the Symantec™ Protection Engine Implementation Guide.