Methods of installing a client
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Methods of installing a client


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This article describes how to install the Cloud version of Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP using the three available methods.


  1. Login to the Cloud Managed Endpoint Service Portal (CMES Portal)
  2. Click Add Computers
  3. Select the group that you want the computer(s) to belong to.
  4. Choose an installation method:
    • Install Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition On This Computer
      • Click Install Now
      • Download the SymantecExtractor
      • Run the file on the current computer and follow the on-screen instructions
    • Download a Redistributable Package
      • Click Download
      • The File Download dialog box gives you the option to Run or Save the SymantecPackageCreator.exe file. Click Run.
      • When the file download is complete, you are asked for permission to run the software. Click Run.
      • When the Package Creator dialog box opens, click Browse to identify where to save the redistributable package. 
      • In Advanced Options, click Operating Systems to choose the Windows versions that you want your package to support. Click Save.
      • In Advanced Options, click Proxy Settings to enter your organization's proxy settings for use by the Package Creator. This step is optional and only necessary when these settings are required for Internet access. Click Save ​
        • Note: You may create a number of distribution packages to fit the needs of your organization's different network locations.
      • Click Begin. The selected files are downloaded and then the package is created. The redistributable package files are associated with a specific organization and should not be used outside of that organization. When the download is complete, click Finish.
      • Browse to the location where SymRedistributable.exe and package files are saved. 
      • You can now use the SymRedistributable.exe on multiple computers via a network share or mass storage device.
    • Send Download Invites
      • Enter up to 50 email address, each one separated by a semicolon
      • Click Send Email Invites. Endpoint users will receive an email with detailed installation instructions.


Note: SEP does not support cloning or imaging