Creating a Custom Portal Page
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Creating a Custom Portal Page


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


Sometimes it can be useful to create custom portal pages in the console to provide users access to console elements and reports, but not necessarily access to the default pages that information is normally on, or if you just want to put information in one easily accessed page. 


Portal pages are made up of web parts. If the information you want on the portal is in a report, you can easily add a custom web part using the following steps:

  1. In 'All Settings' right-click on the folder 'Settings-Notification Server-Console Settings-Web Parts' Choose 'New' and then 'Web Part'.
  2. Give the Webpart a relevant name, and for Web Part Contents choose 'Results from report'. You can then choose a report you want to be accessible from the portal page. Create one of these for each report you want to be on the Portal Page.
  3. Once the information you want to display is all available in web parts, you can create your portal page.
  4. In 'All Settings' right click on the folder 'Settings-Notification Server-Console Settings-Port Pages'. choose New and then 'Portal Page'. Click Edit, and you can now add Web Parts to the portal and organize them as you wish.
  5. After you have added the web parts, you can make the portal page accessible to the user either by adding it to the console menu or can access it directly via the URL

    http://*NS Server Name*/Altiris/Console/PortalPage.aspx?ItemGuid=**GUID of the Portal Page**

    The GUID of the portal page is accessible by right-clicking on the portal page in settings and choosing properties.