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How to replicate the trust of CAs across multiple instances of VIP Enterprise Gateway


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To make the process of replicating the trust of CAs across multiple instances of VIP Enterprise Gateway easier, the packTrustCA utility is included with the VIP EG installation. Use this utility to copy the trusted CAs from your Configuration Console host to all Enterprise Gateway servers you may have installed on separate computers.

Note: The packTrustCA tool replicates VIP Enterprise Gateway-related CAs. If you have loaded CAs to your system outside the VIP Enterprise Gateway system such as Microsoft Windows CAPI, these CAs are not replicated. You must manually add these CAs to your system. Furthermore, it is recommended using the tool on VIP EG instances running the same version (VIP EG 9.7 ►​ VIP EG 9.7).

Complete the following procedures to run this utility:

  1. From a command prompt on the computer where you have installed and trusted the CAs, access the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>/tools directory.
  2. Run the appropriate utility:​

    packTrustCAs.bat (Windows) (Linux)

    The utility creates the TrustedCAs.pak file and displays a checksum. You may choose to make a note of the checksum value for confirmation when replicating the trusted CAs.
    Note: If a previous version of TrustedCAs.pak exists in the tools directory, the new version overwrites it.
  3. Copy the TrustedCAs.pak file to the <VRSN_MAUTH_HOME>/tools directory on the other computer. From a command prompt, run the appropriate utility:

    unpackTrustCAs.bat (Windows) (Linux)
  4. After you run the utility, a checksum is displayed. You can compare it to the checksum that is obtained in Step 2.
  5. Restart VIP Enterprise Gateway.
    Navigate to Settings > Trusted CA Certificate to verify that the trusted CA certificates were updated.
  6. Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 for each separate installation.