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How to use task to enable Symantec Management Agent trace level logging on a remote machine


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IT Management Suite


 How can use a client task server job to enable trace level logging on a remote computer?




ITMS 8.x


At times it may be required to use a task to enable trace level logging on a remote machine.  This may be used during a job right after a new image is deployed or during a remote troubleshooting session.  Note that this solution can be used in WinPE automation environments as well.

Create a run script task with the following syntax:


echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > log.reg

echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Event Logging\LogFile] >> log.reg
echo "Severity"=dword:000000ff >> log.reg
echo "MaxFiles"=dword:00001388 >> log.reg
regedit /s log.reg


Save the run script task and assign it to a machine or add it to a job as needed.

You can find further information on agent logging here:  How to configure logging on the Notification Server and an Altiris Agent computer

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