Ghost Solution Suite 3.x Supportability on Domain Controllers
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Ghost Solution Suite 3.x Supportability on Domain Controllers


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Solution Suite support statement for installation on a Domain Controller. 


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x
Microsoft servers with the Domain controller role. 


Symantec Technical Support is unable to provide support for the installation, configuration or use of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.X on a Domain Controller.  Please see Platform Support Ghost Solution Suite 3.X for a list of supported installation platforms.

Additional Information

If planning to install GSS on a server that will have more than one role consider the Network and disk IO over head that performing Ghost image restore and creation will impose on this shared server.    Ghost by design is programmed to utilize all of the network and disk IO bandwidth available to as quickly as possible get images deployed and this may cause too much delay for any shared systems also installed on the GSS server.