Using the "Replicate Now" privilege
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Using the "Replicate Now" privilege


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IT Management Suite


You can override the replication rules for your Notification Server (SMP Server) by performing a manual hierarchy replication of a particular folder or item. Manual replication replicates the selected data to the child Notification Servers immediately. The data is replicated regardless of the replication schedules or whether the data is included in the replication rules.
This task is a step in the process for implementing Notification Server hierarchy.
To manually replicate selected data from your Notification Server:
  1. In the Symantec Management Console, in the left pane, right-click the folder or item that you want to replicate.
    If you select a folder, the replication includes all of its content (all levels of subfolders and items that it contains).
    Any parent folders (but not their contents) are also replicated to preserve the folder paths within the structure.
  2. Click Hierarchy > Replicate Now...
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK
How can I enable the "Replicate Now" privilege in a Hierarchy for a specific Security Role?



ITMS 8.x


The "Replicate Now" right-click option can be found under 'System Privileges' section (under Settings>Security>Account Management>'Select desired Role'>Privileges tab) and not visible under the Settings>Security>Permissions>Settings view>Hierarchy tree as it used to be (prior to ITMS 8.5 release).

'Replicate Now' is a privilege that can be assigned to a Security Role.  If privilege 'ReplicateNow' is enabled then user can use it, if not then 'ReplicateNow' is invisible.