What do the Agent Health statuses mean?
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What do the Agent Health statuses mean?


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


You can now see the overall status of the Symantec Management Agents that run on your client computers.  What do the Agent Health statuses mean?  

See "Description of computer icons in IT Management Suite Views" for more details.




The Agent status can be set to one of the following:

  • Healthy: means that the client machine has been communicating, configuration has been requested and basic inventory has been sent lately.
  • Needs attention: means that if any of the 'healthy' criteria mentioned above is missing, it is considered that the client machine needs attention.
  • Untracked: means that if a computer is not targeted by any "Targeted Agent Settings" policy, then the overall status is counted as 'untracked'.
  • Unmanaged: means that the Symantec Management Agent is not installed on that client machine.

You can find more details on this under the following tables/views/functions:

  • vAC_OverallAgentHealth
  • vAC_AgentHealth
  • fnAC_GetOverallHealthStatus