Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro DC products available but fail to download:
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Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro DC products available but fail to download:


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Enhancement Request filled for Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro DC support has been added for deployment via Patch Management Solution.

Go to the Console > Manage > Jobs & Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management > Import Patch Data for Windows; click on the 'Update' in the collapsed view for 'Vendors and Software' and that will ensure that the new product is available for deployment in the Patch Remediation Center.

Note: The PMImport policy location is as follows and when the Update is finished; it will display as the red outline (may refine filter with 'dc' as shown below for easier view):

Advisory: These Software Bulletins (example: APSB15-15 & APSB16-09) require Annoymous, Active FTP access to reach the FTP download URL from the vendor. The following articles will aid in downloading the FTP URL based Software Update Packages:
  • TECH186657: Download the two attachments from this article and run the DownloadURLMaskMaker.exe to view a list of needed URLs to be cleared for downloading Software Bulletins via the SMP Server network security.
    • TECH178822: Lists some of the common FTP sites if the DownloadURLMaskMaker.exe is unable to be ran.
  • DOC6770: Details which ports are needed to allow communications for the SMP and that port 80/443 are the two main ports used to download from external URL's

Advisory: The SMP Server uses Anonymous Authentication (IUSR) when calling the PMImport download, and when downloading Software Bulletins to the SMP Server, for the targeted sites do not recognize any local SMP Server's specific User Credentials, so a specific User Credential is not called on the scheduled process. The System Account (Anonymous) is going to need to have clearance through network security from the SMP Server to the specified Vendor Sites. 

Note: If the Admin account is able to hit the URL in a browser; they merely have permissions for their user credentials to access the SolutionSam site or URL for downloading the Software Update.

Workaround for downloading issues;

  1. Download the packages with an SMP Server not hindered by Proxy/network security restrictions.
    • Contact Support to obtain this package if unable to obtain via non-restricted SMP Server within the environment.
  2. Stored the Adobe Packages locally on the SMP Server.
    • Ensure the packages have open permissions to access locally.
  3. Go to the Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Core Settings:
    • Enable the setting 'Download from staging location' and input the download directory from Step #2 above.
  4. Download and create the Software Update Policy for the Adobe Software Bulletin via the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center.
  5. Once the process is complete; disable the 'Download from staging location' setting on the Core Services policy.

Advisory: Request to modify the download URL from FTP to HTTP is being reviewed by the Data Development Team and found unable to be managed in the current code; however, this will be reviewed again with the next full version release of the PMImport engine. Although there is no current ETA. Please subscribe to this article and it will be updated as soon as any changes are put in place regarding this request.

Additionally, please review FTP settings failing to be utilized by Patch Management on TECH234933, for this is resolved in ITMS 8.0 HF2.