RelayState Parameter Name is Case Sensitive


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I'm running Federation, and I have to configure manually the relay state variable. Is RelayState case syntax case sensitive as I would write it relaystate or should I respect exactly the case ?

I've tried to set it as "relaystate" and the parameter isn't detected and thus ignored.



Component: SMFSS


Yes, the parameter is case sensitive and follows RFC 3986




Indicates the URL of the target resource at the Service Provider. The RelayState value should be URL-encoded.  By including this query parameter, it tells the IdP to redirect the user the appropriate resource at the Service Provider. This query parameter can be used in place of specifying a target URL when configuring single sign-on. The RelayState query parameter name is case-sensitive, and the value must be URL-encoded  Case Normalization


   For all URIs, the hexadecimal digits within a percent-encoding

   triplet (e.g., "%3a" versus "%3A") are case-insensitive and therefore

   should be normalized to use uppercase letters for the digits A-F.


   When a URI uses components of the generic syntax, the component

   syntax equivalence rules always apply; namely, that the scheme and

   host are case-insensitive and therefore should be normalized to

   lowercase.  For example, the URI <HTTP://> is

   equivalent to <>.  The other generic syntax

   components are assumed to be case-sensitive unless specifically

   defined otherwise by the scheme (see Section 6.2.3).