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Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers 6.0.6 - Release Highlights


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Protection for SharePoint Servers




Highlights of Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers version (SPSS) 6.0.6 release are:
  • SPSS 6.0.6 is now fully compliant with MS SharePoint Servers 2013.

  • SPSS database named as SPSSDB has been introduced. All the SPSS tables are moved from SharePoint database to SPSSDB. This change is applicable to all supported SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. For more information, see the Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers Implementation Guide.

  • Symantec Protection Engine v7.0.3 is now integrated with SPSS 6.0.6. Refer the pre installation FAQs document for details. For more information, see the Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers Implementation Guide.

  • Refer the release notes for details on defects that have been fixed in this release.