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What is the difference between AeXNSC.exe, AeXNSChttp.exe, and AeXNSChttps.exe?


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IT Management Suite


Do you know what the new AexNSChttp.exe and AexNSChttps.exe files (under ".../Program Files/Altiris/Notification Server/nscap\bin\Win32\X86\NS Client Package") are for?
What is the difference between AeXNSC.exe, AeXNSChttp.exe, and AeXNSChttps.exe?


ITMS 8.x


About SMA installation package:
AeXNSC.exe - package doesn't contain pre-defined NS URL and SMA settings.
AeXNSChttp.exe - package contains NS URL HTTP address and other settings from Communication profile.
AeXNSChttps.exe - package contains NS URL HTTPS address, certificates, and other settings from Communication profile.


In some cases, in order for the AeXNSCHTTP.exe and AeXNSCHTTPS.exe files to be updated as well, re-save all the communication profiles in use (if you have more than just the default one) under Settings>Agents/Plug-ins>Symantec Management Agent>Symantec Agent Communication Profiles. Change something (uncheck/check box) and save. You should be able to see in Trace logging that these files were created.