Workflow 7.6 Point Fix Roll-up
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Workflow 7.6 Point Fix Roll-up


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The following issues have been addressed and resolved in the point fix roll up. All these fixes will be included in the next update when it is released. Once the update is released all customers who've applied the point fix roll-up will need to upgrade.

Please note:

  • The roll-up has not gone through the full suite of testing normally associated with a regular release.
  • The roll-up must be installed in a test environment and be tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A Symantec support engineer should assist with the initial installation of the roll-up.
  • Before applying this roll-up it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your ProcessManager database. There is no option to uninstall this roll-up once it is applied. If the customer must back out the roll-up they will need to completely re-install Workflow and restore the backed up database.

To acquire the roll-up please contact Symantec Technical Support and reference this article.

Etrack#  Explanation of Issue Build Date Build Version
3732225 CE - Fix issues with the Windows Domain Login Component. Does not Work - Has Required Functionality Hidden 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3732629 .Net Library Generator failing during creation. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3733390 CE - SLA time zone does not display the users time, instead showing server time 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3744861 CE - LinkWebPart, when configured to open link in new window, new window doesn't allow scrolling or resizing for IE 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3745933 CE-JavaScript error is generated when a subdialog component's form is closed & the main form isn't being properly updated. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3747952 CE - When performing an AD sync, AD users with long descriptions are not synced. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3751206 .Net Generator error 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3752918 CE - When performing an AD sync, AD users with long descriptions are not synced. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3763209 CE - The supplied DateTime represents an invalid time. For example, when the clock is adjusted forward, any time in the period that is skipped is invalid. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3763221 INT - Reporting Grid No longer displays the time using the user's timezone. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3763633 CE - Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, and Country fields(columns)in the User table are always empty while the actual UserAddress data is populated in UserAddress table 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3771505 CE-Assembly build versions should not change between GA release & point fix releases. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3772335 When trying to add a process reference from the Process References webpart, and saving the changes, the screen flashes and an error is placed in the logs 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3775876 CE-After upgrade to 7.6 projects with Grid component throws an error pertaining to the AllowSorting property. 4/29/2015 7.6.4383.457
3752606 Errors when trying to generate MySQL component from table generator 5/7/2015 7.6.4383.462
3765296 CE - For web forms (only when a theme is applied) Internet Explorer 9 & 10 will shift the content way down. No issues with IE 11, Chrome or Firefox. Last Communication: 5/7/2015 7.6.4383.462
3769169 CE - AD Reset Sync removes AD users from PM Groups. 5/7/2015 7.6.4383.462
3781566 CE-Query & Stored Procedure generated components improperly set the connectionString property when they are used in a project. 5/7/2015 7.6.4383.462
3657810 CE - Business Hours Configuration Does not allow business hours settings to overlap calendar days 5/14/2015 7.6.4383.469
3744939 When trying to recompile integration project or open the help file, an error "System.ArgumentException: String with name 'XXX' has already been added" 5/14/2015 7.6.4383.469
3783028 CE-Grid component displays no data when paging option is disabled. 5/14/2015 7.6.4383.469
3785308 Dynamic update Panel on form causes "Processing" message on form post back to remain and not close automatically. 5/14/2015 7.6.4383.469
3785495 CE - Scheduled reports do not parse special characters correctly when exported to CSV 5/14/2015 7.6.4383.469
3773394 CE - Update AD Sync does not sync group membership changes. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3781440 INT : Changing user time zone updates the time zone but does not reflect on UI. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3787317 INT- Currently when you run the AddProcessPermissions component and attempt to set permissions for a user who already has permission an exception is thrown 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3787333 INT- when you use the add process permissions component an audit entry is not created for the permission change 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3791224 Send Notification Process Automation Action generating error. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3791324 SendNotification action improperly expects ActionVariant 'To Process User' to be the first entry in the array causing the Available Process Variables box to be displayed incorrectly. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3791959 Terminating Window doesn't close in all browsers. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3792026 Auto Complete Text box component horizontal size dimension is larger then other components configured to be the same size. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3792079 Heirachy Form control improperly displays contents in IE8-IE10. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3792081 Radio Control buttons are being center justified, not left justified, in IE8-IE10. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3793788 Date / Time picker component does not support the use of Workflow Themes. 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3798317 When 'Must Change Password' option is enabled for local portal user, this user is neither able to log in or change password 6/12/2015 7.6.4383.476
3789976 CE - Update AD Sync does not sync group membership changes. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3799950 Custom javascript event no longer work after upgrading to Workflow 7.6 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3802382 CE-REST Generatored components don't properly handle statusCode variable when access Symantec Data Center Security REST web services. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3803276 CE-EnsembleMenuSelect component no longer generates a vertical scroll bar when necessary. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3804093 Web Themes : Error displayed for visual styles. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3805383 When project is published in Managed Workflow environment via Workflow Enterprise Management, the password property values in properties.config file are not encrypted 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3809217 CE - Label Style editor: Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style is currently active 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3811722 Enhance REST Generator to allow for mapping of status codes to output paths. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3813510 CE-Configurable Collection Sort component causing variable to be over written that have nothing to do with the component. 7/2/2015 7.6.4383.482
3733256 "PopulateOnDemand can't be set to true" error is getting displayed when "OU: is selected in the AD sync. 8/13/2015 7.6.4383.488
3809410 CE-Some users have a timezone error appear & cannot access the portal. Users are in India (UK Server),accessing WF server via a citrix VDI session. Exception: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: destinationTimeZone 8/13/2015 7.6.4383.488
3816714 CE - Messages in externaldata queues are not cleaned up when process fails. 8/13/2015 7.6.4383.488
3816773 CE - TextBox and other similar FormBuilder controls apply the ControlId property value to a wrapper of the input element instead of applying it to the actual input element 8/13/2015 7.6.4383.488
3823682 Autocomplete textbox is not returning proper results when filtering an array within the autocomplete model. 8/13/2015 7.6.4383.488
3808760 CE-Update AD Sync adds an extra record in UserAddress table instead of updating the existing one 9/3/2015 7.6.4383.491
3813147 CostItems datatype exception when project is exported from Workflow 7.5 SP1 to 7.6 9/3/2015 7.6.4383.491
3833334 When En-GB culture is used in the browser, not all dates in the process view page are shown in 24 hour format 9/3/2015 7.6.4383.491
3842156 CE - Column spacing/width for 'Radio Button List' component does not adhere to what it is supposed to be. 9/3/2015 7.6.4383.491
3830234 CE-The Age and Age Description fields inside the Report Builder are displaying the ProcessStarted field instead of the expected display of '# Days # Hours # Minutes' 9/17/2015 7.6.4383.493
3852418 CE - Save Installation Input file generates an error. 9/17/2015 7.6.4383.493
3838885 CE-If multiple report web parts exist on a page re-sizing a column causes the column to be re-sized across all reports on the page. 9/24/2015 7.6.4383.494
3819050 Applications no longer retain their custom App Pool after republishing and are being defaulted to ProcessManagerPool 10/15/2015 7.6.4383.496
3858074 CE-Reports fail using Group By when the Grouped By field contains an apostrophe. 10/15/2015 7.6.4383.496
3851252 CE - Reports using Group By fails to expand if the grouped field is an empty string 11/19/2015 7.6.4383.504
3863194 CE - Knowledge Base search results do not generate unique object identifier in rendered HTML. 11/19/2015 7.6.4383.504
3873715 CE - Any Report the uses a Custom date/time picker is not functioning correctly. You cannot pick a Custom Date/Time 11/19/2015 7.6.4383.504
3875167 ProcessManager Logout doesn't work for automatically authenticated AD users 11/19/2015 7.6.4383.504
3479953 Line breaks in variables are not properly sent in email templates. 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3830982 CE-Edit HTML option on E-mail Template screen does not save any changes made to the body of the e-mail template. 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3867601 CE-Webforms no longer center vertically on the screen. 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3870194 CE - Reports that users do not have permission to see are being put in a hard-coded Orphan report category, granting users access to the reports 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3870703 CE - The Age and Age Description fields in a report are displaying the ProcessStarted field instead of the expected display of '# Days # Hours # Minutes' when exported (Export to Excel/CSV) 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3879910 The List of Email Templates is not in alphabetical order. This makes it time-consuming for customers with alot of templates to find the correct one. 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3892852 CE-Object reference not set to an instance of an object error generated after adding 10+ articles to a category 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3900111 CE - The MaskEdit component is broken when using a Date or DateTime data type 3/9/2016 7.6.4383.515
3911376 CE - Report export (both XLS and CSV) broke for reports with groups in them between Rollup builds 7.6.4383.495 and 511. 3/9/2016


3910884 CE - Knowledge Management Pages do not refresh Correctly. 4/8/2016 7.6.4383.515
3842187 CE - Grant Ticket Access action in rule does not grant access to Process Attachments 6/23/2016


3932164 Knowledge base categories do not work in Portal 6/23/2016 7.6.4383.518
3950517 CE - Reports handling of blank and NULL values is inconsistent when using grouping 6/23/2016 7.6.4383.518
3952259 Reports exported with xls extension return an error when opened in Excel 8/18/2016 7.6.4383.519
3959544 When browser language is set to Swedish, reports exported to Excel have dates formatted incorrectly  9/30/2016 7.6.4383.520


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