New Look and Feel for VIP Access for iOS and Android
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New Look and Feel for VIP Access for iOS and Android


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Dear Customer,

Symantec plans to release VIP Access 3.0 for Apple iOS in late April 2015 and VIP Access 3.0 for Google Android in May 2015.  The upcoming versions of these applications incorporate a new flat design that reflects modern mobile platforms.  Along with the new design, we continue to enhance the capability of the VIP Access application beyond generating one-time security codes.  You may have already experienced VIP Access Push - the ability to approve out-of-band authentication requests using the VIP Access application.
This communication includes a preview of the updated application screens. This preview may help you to communicate to your employees and other end-users during the transition to these newer versions.  Please contact the Symantec Enterprise Technical Support team if you have any questions:
650-426-3535 / 1-800-579-2848

Thank you,

Symantec VIP Product Team

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