Symantec VIP Access for Android Push Error codes
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Symantec VIP Access for Android Push Error codes


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VIP Service


 Symantec VIP Access for Android Push Error codes. These codes will be seen in logs when a PUSH fails. 



3500- Could not get the Registration id from GCM.

3501-Failed to provision push credential.

3502- Failed to set the token attributes for the provisioned Push credential.

3503- Failed to retrieve Push Message.

3504- Push Message is expired. It might have been approved or denied by other device

3506-Time out getting response from push messaging server

3507-No response from server within the time limit(client time up)

3508-Network Failure while Accepting /denying the push message.

3509-IO operation failure.

3510-Internal error.

3511-Network Failure during enabling/disabling push.

3512-Failure due to google play service not installed


General Error Codes

6002-6003,6017-6020 -Failure while performing Cryptographic operation.

6004- Failed due to bad http response from services.

6005- Failed to establish a connection with VIP Services.

6006- EOF response received.

6007- Network Failure due to IO Operation.

6008- Network Failure due to redirection.

6009- No response received from server.

6010-credential object creation failed.

6011- Failure while parsing the response received from vip services.

6014-6015-File I/O operation exception.

6016-Internal crypto error.

6022- General Exception

6023- I/O exception.


Language Error Code.

6024- Failure while updating the language

6025- Failed to get the language file as the current device language is not supported through VIP MFS Service.


Reset Error Code

6013- Failure due to wrong server time returned from the server.


Activation Error Codes (Received from VIP SERVER)

19968-Malformed Activation Request(4e00 from VIP Services).

20224- Unable to activate due to internal error.( 4f00from services)

20228- Unable to activate due to internal error.(4f04 from services)