Trying to delete a NODE from a CA IDMS system
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Trying to delete a NODE from a CA IDMS system


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The Sysgen NODE statement identifies the communication method used to access a specified node name (remote IDMS CV) in the DC/UCF communications network.    

The Sysgen RESOURCE TABLE statement defines DBNAMES or DESTINATIONs that reside on a remote NODE.

After Deleting a NODE definition from a SYSTEM in the Sysgen compiler, at GENERATE time we received error message 

DC301073  RESOURCE <'resource-name'> VIA UNDEFINED NODE <'name'>


Why is this message received and what is the indicated resource?     


Nodes can be used in any CA IDMS environment; they are used to implement cross-system communication, so that an application running on one system can access a database defined in another.


When defining a remote DBNAME in a RESOURCE TABLE you must name the remote NODE where that DBNAME is defined.

If you then DELETE the NODE without also deleting the RESOURCE TABLE entry that references it, you will receive DC301073 error at GENERATE.    

To remove a RESOURCE TABLE reference to a NODE that has been deleted, use this syntax:

MODIFY SYSTEM <number>. 
EXCL DBNAME <DBNAME containing the node reference>. 

(repeat this for all RESOURCE TABLE entries containing a reference to the NODE for the system that’s been deleted)

After taking the above steps, the next time the CV is cycled, the new definitions will be in place. YOu can use these DCMT commands to verify that the nodes no longer exist in your active system:





However, if there were any transactions that used those Nodes in the previous cycle of CV, there would probably be info in the journals about those distributed transactions. That journal info would be referenced as part of the CV warmstart, and could cause  one or more occurrences of this error message to appear in the log when IDMS starts up:

DC329018 V100 T35 Resynchronization terminated for <Node-name>::DSI_CLI *connect failed

If this message is displayed as part of your startup, you can issue a DCMT D DIST RM to see any active distributed transaction managers from the prior CV cycle related to the Nodes that were dropped. 

To resolve any DC329018 messages, you can issue DCMT V DIST RM 'rm-name' DELETE for each of the deleted nodes. That will prevent these messages on any future startups of the CV. 

The CA IDMS SYSTEM TASKS AND OPERATOR COMMANDS manual describes this process:

“Deleting Resource Managers 

When a resource manager is deleted, all record of that resource manager is eliminated from the system. The DCMT VARY RESOURCE MANAGER DELETE command should only be used when the resource manager no longer exists. For example, when a DC/UCF system is removed from the network. By deleting the resource manager, no further attempt is made to resynchronize with that resource manager at startup. 

Note: Only resource managers whose name ends in "DSI_CLI" or "DSI_SRV"can be deleted.”

Additional Information

Syntax for modifying the system definition can be found in the CA IDMS "Using System Generation" manual, which can be found at the CA DocOps site using this link:

Syntax and more details about the various DCMT commands can be found in the CA IDMS "System Tasks and Operator COmmands" reference, which can be found here: