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What is the best option to add or remove user project permissions in Rally in bulk?



Component: ACSAAS



Bulk User Permissioning app

The best option for bulk adding or removing user project permissions is a custom, community app called Bulk User Permissioning.  See the Github readme for more information. 

To use the app, add it to a custom page from the App Catalog.


Please read the terms of usage at the top of the page before using. While the app is not supported, it is very useful for managing user permissions en masse from a GUI. 

Rally User Management toolkit

The second option is the Rally User Management toolkit. This is an unsupported, as-is Ruby toolkit that provides a powerful set of scripts for user management.  Find more details on the Github page.

The Rally user management toolkit takes a set of users formatted in a Tab-Delimited text file and performs the following functions:

  • Creates the users in your Rally subscription if they do not exist, and
  • Assigns and/or updates permissions to users across workspaces and projects.
  • Assigns and/or updates team memberships for users across projects
  • Enables or disables user in your Rally subscription

Rally-User-Management requires:

  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • rally_api 1.0.1 or higher

You can install rally_api and dependent gems by using:

gem install rally_api


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