CA Pan/SQL: why a -553 error may occur
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CA Pan/SQL: why a -553 error may occur


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Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Executing CA Easytrieve using CA Pan/SQL, -553 error occurs.



Easytrieve running under DB2.


The SQLID parameter of the PARM statement results in the SQL interface 

executing the SQL SET CURRENT SQLID command at compile time. The SQL 

SET CURRENT SQLID command is executed at runtime for automatic 

processing. Execution of the SQL SET CURRENT SQLID command is valid for 

sites that have an external security package that supports group IDS. It sets the 

qualification of unqualified tables for dynamic SQL processing.

It is recommended to use SQLSYNTAX NONE with BIND STATIC-ONLY, rather 

than SQLID to set the qualification for tables. 

Unqualified tables are implicitly qualified by the primary authorization ID of the 

program. This ID is usually established by the USER parameter of your JCL JOB 


The qualification can be modified in one of three ways: 

SQLID keyword on the CA-Easytrieve PARM statement 


OWNER or QUALIFIER parameter on the DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS BIND 


Use of the SQLID and its affect on table qualification depends on whether 

automatic or controlled processing is performed and if STATIC or DYNAMIC 

SQL is used. 

To eliminate the authorization problems encountered with the use of SQLID, use 

SQLSYNTAX NONE with BIND STATIC-ONLY. This enables the use of 

unqualified table names and bypasses the dynamic prepare of SQL statements. 

Unqualified table names can then be qualified by the BIND process. 



Additional Information

In summary, 

There are two choices to eliminate the -553 error: 

1. Get the correct authorization for the SQLID specified. 

2. Remove the SQLID from the PARM statement.