Location of MIB files for NV
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Location of MIB files for NV


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CA NetVoyant (NetQoS / NV)


I need to load the MIB files for NFA, NetVoyant and NPC into a third party tool. 

I have not been able to locate the MIB files on any of the servers. 


Is there a specific location or can we get the MIB from CA?


Windows, NV 7.0, 7.1 SP2, 7.1 SP3


You should be able to start/explore with within their NPC-EventManager host for this first.


You should also find the following within your netvoyant-host.

Directory of d:\NetVoyant\mibs
         6,908 NetQoS-AnomalyDetector-mib
       19,386 netqos-reporter-mib
       12,952 netqos-reporter7-mib
       12,468 netqos-superagent-mib
       24,598 netvoyant-mib
            268 redpoint-mib

An installation of CA-NFA has replacements to reporter-files but these here may still be interchangeable.


As for NFA, please see the following page in the doc: Configure Traps for External Programs

The MIB contains information about the contents of the traps that CA Network Flow Analysis sends.

The MIB file is located in the following directory: <install_path>\reporter\MIB.