How to create a custom checkpoint for the oracle probe


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This document explains how to create and configure custom (new) checkpoints using the oracle probe.

Custom checkpoints allow you to use our own preferred queries for database monitoring when the default checkpoints provided do not satisfy your specific database monitoring requirements. This guide walks you through configuring and testing a custom checkpoint, configuring data collection (QoS), configuring alarms and alarm thresholds.


- UIM: 8.4 or later

- oracle probe 5.x


1. Open oracle probe GUI in Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console.   

2. Go to “Templates” tab and right click on Open space and then click on “Create new” option.


3. Add the required name for the checkpoint to monitor


4. Query template editor will open as below.


5. Select “Active” and “Send Quality of Service” options. You can give the Check interval and other required fields as per the requirement.

6. Go to “Query” tab.

  • Select the connection.
  • Add the query.
  • Add the “Checked value” and “Condition”
  • Give any query file name.


7. You can add the thresholds as per the requirement and values in the “Thresholds/Schedules” section.


8. Checkpoints gets added to the oracle probe.

9. Click on Apply and OK and then restart the probe.

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