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How do I delete procedures that have been created by a user whose ID no longer exists?


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How can I delete Database Analyzer procedures, such as Extract and Action procedures, that have been created by another user? The Share Option prevents me from deleting or amending these procedures through the PDA panels.


Component: INS


In order to be able to delete procedures created by another user you will need to change the share option to 'U' in the relevant PDA procedure table where these procedures are stored.


The PTI.RACR_PROC_1105 procedure table contains the majority of these procedure types as follows:

Procedure - RACR_TYPE
Extract - 1
Report - 2
Action - 3
Object Selection Profile - 6
Prioritize Object Profile - 7

The Share Option column in this table is RACR_SHROPTION.


The PTI.RAEP_PROC_1105 procedure table contains the Execution Procedures.

The Share Option column in this table is RAEP_SHROPTION.

Additional Information

Please refer to Technical Document How do you delete or update old procedures and extracts with the share option set to N or Y from a different owner?