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Why does XCOM not list it's parameters when starting?


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Why does XCOM not list it's parameters when starting?


Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX


The XCOM started task normally prints its default values to XCOMLOG DD during initialization. Message XCOMM0990I ACTUAL XCOMDFLT PARMS is the very first message printed to XCOMLOG DD

There are only a few possible reasons for a started task not doing that:

  • The defaults in use specify LOG=NO so nothing is written to XCOMLOG DD.
  • The JCL PARM (which overrides defaults) specifies LOG=NO
  • XCOMLOG DD is allocated to DUMMY or to a JES2 class which is not kept so that we don't see its contents.
  • XCOMLOG DD is missing in the JCL so that XCOM dynamically allocates it to a class (as set in LOGCL= default parameter) which is deleted by JES2