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Trouble getting VS Response


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


When a VS is deployed to VSE, sometimes we don't get the valid responses or don't see any transaction hits. This article will help troubleshoot why the VS is not responding properly.

How to troubleshoot invalid VS responses in VSE?


All DevTest environments.


Here are the things, you can verify when you are not getting a valid response from a VS.

1. Make sure, you are hitting the VS with correct protocol information, URL, Port and Base path. You can verify this information in the VSM-->Listen step.

2. Getting a "No Match Found" response.

  - You can verify the Operation information in VSI and see you are sending a valid transaction against the VS.

  - In the VSE, select the specific VS-->Inspection View--->Matching Tab and verify the VSI name. Make sure the VSI is the correct one which has the transactions you are testing. If you are using the incorrect VSI, modify them VSM-->VS Image response selection step to use the right VSI and deploy the VS again.

3. Getting a response but not matching with the right transaction. Transaction matching will be done Top to Bottom. Verify the below:

  - Verify the Operation name, Match Style and Request Data-->Arguments.

  - Verify the Comparison Operators and data values for the Request Data-->Arguments.