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Enable auto-numbering for task IDs


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How can I configure auto population of Task IDs?


Release:  All Supported
Component: Clarity Studio


To enable auto-numbering for Task IDs:

  1.  In Clarity go to Administration->Object->Task and click on the the 'ID' attribute on the Attributes tab
  2. Click on the 'Auto-Numbering' tab
  3. Check the check box next to Auto-numbered
  4. Click 'Save'


  • To customize the auto-numbering algorithm click the Edit link under 'Scheme'. This includes the ability to add unique letters such as a T, in the beginning of the task ID. 
  • To enable auditing for another object's ID, simply replace "Task" in Step 1 with the desired object. (Example: Project to enable Auto-Numbering for the Project ID field)
  • Note: If you are creating tasks in Microsoft Project (MSP), by current design, the auto-numbering feature is not available. You can enter the Task ID manually in the Text1 field to create a task ID for those tasks. 

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