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How do I find the Javascript for a form in the database?


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In current releases, it is generally recommended to place the custom JavaScript for a form in the definition of the form itself, rather than in the filestore. Once this has been done, however, how can I retrieve this from the database directly, rather than through the User Interface?


Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog


I have a custom form called "testforma" defined, with some JavaScript present. The following query will retrieve it:

Select attr_long_value from usm_form_component_attrib_ext e
  where e.form_comp_attr_id in
  (select c.form_comp_attr_id from usm_form_component_attributes c, usm_form_entities d
  where c.form_comp_id = d.form_entity_id
  and d.form_entity_name = 'testforma')


Additional Information

The following TEC doc will help you find the form name and/or ID, if you only have the request ID: TEC1642177