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What is the maximum length of process arguments that SysEDGE can monitor?


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What is the maximum length of process arguments that SysEDGE can monitor per platform?


Release: SYSEDG99000-12.9-Stand Alone SystemEDGE Agent


SystemEDGE 5.6.12262 and later (patched via T5I8056/RO51363) extended the maximum supported length of process arguments. Now mostly aligned with the maximum supported length of the operating system as per this table:

PlatformLimit (in bytes)Notes
Windows 2000         
2096 OS limit
Windows 20038096 OS limit
Windows 200832768 OS limit
Linux4096 API Limit
Solaris Unlimited                Maximum 2048 bytes per argument  
HP-UX1020API Limit


Limits in this table apply to internal SystemEDGE structures and thus to the ability to find a process defined by your process monitoring entry.

Additionally, the processArgs and hrSWRunParameters OIDs are limited to 6144 characters to maintain compatibility with SNMP clients. Thus, the maximum process arguments length visible via SNMP is 6k.