How to configure the network monitoring usage and how the CDM probe fetches this data


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


This document can be used to configure Network Traffic Monitoring using CDM probe Raw configure option and the way the probe calculates the data using the probe on different environments (Windows, Unix).


Note: This document can only be used when you do not have an access to Admin Console as this feature is available through Admin Console. 



How to configure the network monitoring usage

How the CDM probe fetches the inbound/outbound/aggregated data


UIM: 8.47, 8.5 and 8.5.1CDM: 5.02 or later versions


1.Open the CDM probe in Raw Configure


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2.Click on “New Section” and make sure you check the “Create at root”.

        Provide the name “nic aggr” and Click on “OK”


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3.Add the follow as a Key and Value to enable QOS.

               interval = 5 min

         qos_network_bytes_send_rate = yes

         qos_network_bytes_total_rate = yes


         qos_network_bytes_recv_rate = yes

4.Once we configured with above parameters, here is how the admin console maps.


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5.In case if you would like to enable alarms, you may add the following fields also.


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Note: You must add the threshold as per the requirement.


Additional Information

Here is how the probe calculates the inbound/outbound/aggregated network usage.


<Please see attached file for image>






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