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Top Five Assisted Triage Event Generation Supportability Metrics.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


    What are some key metrics that I should use to assess the health of my assisted triage environment?


APM 10.5 and later


The Top 5 Metrics are 

      1. Metric: Events Sent Per Interval

      Metric Path : 


       Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | Event Generator | Errors and Stalls : Events Sent Per Interval  

      Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | Event Generator | DA : Events Sent Per Interval

      Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage |Event Generator | Alert : Events Sent Per Interval

     Why use this metric:  Use for each type of event generation to figure out how many events for each type getting generated. You will find these metrics in Collectors and MOM.


     2. Metric: Events Received Per Interval   


     Metric Path: Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | Events Received Per Interval

      Why use this metric: Determines the load of events coming to Assisted Triage. 


    3. Metric: Editor | Average Processing Time (ms) 


     Metric Path: Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | Editor | Average Processing Time (ms) 

     Why use this Metric: Determines processing time taken for story generation by running pattern analysts etc.


   4. Metric: Contextualizer | Current Live Contexts 


    Metric Path: Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | Contextualizer | Current Live Contexts 

   Why this metric: Measures number of currently active and unique story contexts being processed by contextualizer (such as Business Transactions.) Currently only Business Transaction contexts are supported.


  5. REST | Story Controller: Average Processing Time (ms):


  Metric Path:  Enterprise Manager | Assisted Triage | REST | Story Controller: Average Processing Time (ms):

   Why this metric: Measures average performance of Assisted Triage story retrieval. Or the Average time to process a REST request

Additional Information

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