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Installation Allocate Error


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


INSTALLATION ALLOCATE ERROR can occur when installing a load module on the Host Encyclopedia or z/OS IT.




What to do when the following error occurs:


************* INSTALLATION ERROR *************





This is usually an invalid dataset problem that is used in one of the construction libraries or location datasets.  Ways to locate invalid dataset when ALLOCATE error occurs are as follows:

  1. Determine which library is in error.
  1. Review the installation control library member for APPLOAD libraries used and do a browse (3.4) on each to see if it is spelled/named correctly in the construction library or if it exist. 
  2. Put the install process in DEBUG and install in the background (batch).  Review all the libraries allocated to APPLOAD which is the last set of APPLOAD libraries.  They are allocated cumulative so the last entry for APPLOAD would contain all libraries used until the error occurred.
  1. Review the construction and/or location dataset for internal, foreign, and external NCAL load libraries for the library in error.
  2. Review the RI Trigger NCAL or EXEC load library for the library in error.
  3. Run the Model Action Block Use report on the Host Encyclopedia if necessary to determine the foreign business systems used and to identify the foreign and external action blocks used. Make sure the external library is listed in the list on the "Specify external action block load libraries" panel for the owning business system on the Host Encyclopedia or "Ext Ab Libs" in the location dataset on the z/OS IT.


RESOLUTION:  Remove or correct the library in error and re-run the install.