Resume threshold monitoring evaluations from the command line
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Resume threshold monitoring evaluations from the command line


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How can I resume threshold monitoring evaluations from the command line?

Threshold Monitoring

Threshold Limiter


All supported Performance Management releases


Follow these instructions to resume threshold evaluations

  1. Enter the following URL into a web browser: http://DA_host:8581/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config
  2. Take note of the ID value of the ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration item.


   <ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0">








(instead of a browser, you can run this rest call from the CLI using curl: curl -kv -u admin http://YOUR-DA:8581/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config)


3. Run the following command from the DA:

curl -kv -u admin -H "Content-Type:application/xml" -X PUT http://<DA>:8581/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config/16 --data "<ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version='1.0.0'><ThresholdMonitoringEnabled>true</ThresholdMonitoringEnabled></ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration>"


At this point, you should now start seeing threshold events again

Additional Information

the user we are passing is an admin user from the PC console.

if you use -u <USER> the command will prompt for the password.

if you use -u <USER>:<PASSWORD> it will not prompt


if you are using http then the DA rest port is 8581, if you are using https, then remember the port is 8582.