How to use video clips in knowledge document resolution field?


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Out of box knowledge document resolution editor does not have the feature to embed videos in knowledge document resolution. However,

very often adding videos to the resolution is the most effect way explaining how things are done and this tech doc explains how you can

use <video> tag in html to embed the videos into knowledge document resolution.

How to use video clips in knowledge document resolution field?


USRD/CMDB 12.9, 14.1, 17.x on Windows and Unix/Linux


Follow these steps:


1. Under SDM-Root-Directory\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\ROOT\ folder, create a subfolder called "video"

2. Copy the video files you would need to use in knowledge documents into this newly created folder "video"

3. Using the <video> tag to edit the knowledge document resolution to display the videos.

    You would use the "Source" tab in the Resolution Html Editor and manfully insert the <video> tags. For example"

    <video controls="" height="240" width="320">
    <source src="http://my-server-name:8080/video/test.mp4" type="video/mp4" />


    will insert an mp4 video test.mp4 into the resolution. Here we assume the port for SDM.CMDB Tomcat is 8080 and http is used. If you use a

    different port or use https, you would need to modify the src accordingly.

Please notice that you don't need to recycle anything and you can add videos to the "video" folder anytime.