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How can I run a CA Roscoe RPF in batch?


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Customer would like to execute a Roscoe RPF function external to logging in to Roscoe. Perhaps from a scheduling process or for a regular request for information.

We need to run in batch a Roscoe RPF external to logging in to Roscoe itself. How can this be accomplished?


Component: ROSCOE


Here is a sample process. Be advised that you are basically running CA Roscoe in a batch mode. You must allocate the required ROSLIBs and the ROSCOE load libraries to accomplish the process. Also, any special Privileges must be assigned in the request as well.  Be advised, this is a SAMPLE ONLY, you must tailor this to execute in your environment.
//*       EXECUTES ROSCOE IN BATCH                           
//ROSCOE  PROC                                               
//[email protected]  EXEC PGM=ROSCOE,TIME=(2),REGION=4000K             
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                       
//STEPLIB  DD  DSN=ROSCOE.RO60.RO60LIB,DISP=SHR                   ---> your Roscoe loadlibs         
//ROSBSOUT  DD SYSOUT=*                                      
//JCKPRINT  DD  SYSOUT=*,FREE=CLOSE                          
//SYSUT001  DD  UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=volser,DISP=SHR            
// PEND                                                      
//  EXEC ROSCOE                                              
//SYSIN     DD DSN=ROSCOE.your .CNTL(member name),DISP=SHR       
//ROSBSIN   DD  *  

ROSCOE.PROFILE                                                              ß-----  Signon key                                            
IMPORT DSN=ROSCOE.your .CNTL(member name)              ß-----  Place stuff in AWS needed for RPF
A                                                                                        ß Attach AWS
SET PRIV ON                              --->    command example such as set privilege attribute on
UPSBLK60                                   ---> Execute RPF
OFFON ROSCOE.CONTROL         ---> Signon to control account to issue shutdown
SET PRIV ON                               ---> Set PriV
ROZAP SHUTDOWN NOW            ---> shutdown Roscoe                 

Additional Information

You can find more detailed information here:

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