Jasper Reports give a connection error after changing the PPM default port.


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I changed the default http port (80) for CA PPM to another value in CSA - Application Server - HTTP Port, and restarted the CA PPM services.

Now the Jasper reports fail to connect; in the jasperserver.log file connection errors like "http 302" or "network connection failed" are seen.


How to resolve this ?


Release: 451-101-15.1-Clarity-Creator User License


The ports 80 and 443 are default parsed in the browser, so there is no need to add them in the "HTTP Entry URL" field in CSA (in a cluster, this is the URL of the front-end load balancer).

However whenever you change this default port number for CA PPM, it is recommended to add the modified port number also to the "HTTP Entry URL" field in CSA - Application Server:


Although CA PPM may recognize the port without this having added in the "HTTP Entry URL", other integrated components like Jasper will fail as they will continue to try connecting to the default port 80.

Best Practice is therefor to add always (even the default port 80) in the "HTTP Entry URL" field.



Additional Information

See also the CA PPM Documentation, "Installing and Upgrading - Install CA PPM", where you see the port added in the Entry URL:

The HTTP and HTTPS Entry URL fields for the server in CSA cannot be localhost when Jaspersoft is integrated with CA PPM. When you use Jaspersoft, the URLs must be explicitly entered on the Application subtab of the Properties tab for the CA PPM server. For example:

 HTTP Entry URL: http://<server name>:<port>
HTTPS Entry URL: https://<server name>:<port>