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Is there a way to register a number of licenses and then create a Report on them ?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


CA Client Manager allows you to Register Licenses for Software then create a Report on the Software Licenses 

Is there a way to register a number of licenses and then create a Report on them ?


CA Client Automation - All Versions


From All Computers \ {Group Details} \ Software \ Discovered Software\ 

Right-Click on the Software you want to add a License Amount to and Select Properties

(You can only add Licenses to Releases, not Patch or Patch Rollups)


The go to the Approved Licenses Tab 

Check the Approved number of licenses box 

Then add the number of Licenses you have for that product.


When you look back at the list you will see the following:

The number of Installations

Then number of Licenses

and the Deviation will show Positive if you have free Licenses and Negative if you are over the License amount.

That List can be Exported as a CSV file , to use to create a Spreadsheet / Report


You can also create a Report to show the Software and the License Amount

You will need to create a Software Statistic Report 



Add the Approved Count Field Under Approved Licenses Folder in the Licenses Tab under Software Category


Run the Report, this will show the Software Found and the Number of Licenses for Each Software