Is there a way to register a number of licenses and then create a Report on them ?


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CA Client Manager allows you to Register Licenses for Software then create a Report on the Software Licenses 

Is there a way to register a number of licenses and then create a Report on them ?


CA Client Automation - All Versions


From All Computers \ {Group Details} \ Software \ Discovered Software\ 

Right-Click on the Software you want to add a License Amount to and Select Properties

(You can only add Licenses to Releases, not Patch or Patch Rollups)

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The go to the Approved Licenses Tab 

Check the Approved number of licenses box 

Then add the number of Licenses you have for that product.

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When you look back at the list you will see the following:

The number of Installations

Then number of Licenses

and the Deviation will show Positive if you have free Licenses and Negative if you are over the License amount.

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That List can be Exported as a CSV file , to use to create a Spreadsheet / Report

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You can also create a Report to show the Software and the License Amount

You will need to create a Software Statistic Report 

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Add the Approved Count Field Under Approved Licenses Folder in the Licenses Tab under Software Category

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Run the Report, this will show the Software Found and the Number of Licenses for Each Software

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKhjAAG" alt="Report.jpg" width="826" height="257">




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