Can we remove Service Desk Manager related temp files located under Windows Temp folder?
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Can we remove Service Desk Manager related temp files located under Windows Temp folder?


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Many files related to Service Desk Manager, looks like related to a ticket, stored under C:\Windows\temp folder have consumed our C drive. Their file name contains only numbers. Is it okay to remove them? If yes, how to do that?




Those files are created by notifications. If the "Write to file" option is set to "Yes" in a Notification Method, the context information of the Notification Method is written to a file. You can check the setting as per below. 


  1. Log into Service Desk using Administrator account. 

  2. Go to 'Notifications' > 'Notification Methods' and check each Notification Method from the list. 

    <Please see attached file for image>

    src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKlgAAG" alt="notification_method.jpg" width="670" height="339">

Also, if a custom method fails to sent out the notification, the files might be created under TEMP folder.  Check stdlog if the following or a similar error was written. 

12/07 15:21:17.08 SDMSV bpnotify_nxd 1952 ERROR bpnotify.c 267 couldn't start process mapi_mail -m C:\WINNT\TEMP\33: GetLastError= [2] 

If the files were created by the Notification Method or Notification failure, you can delete them without recycling Service Desk Manager. 

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