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Possibility of recording a blazemeter test for an oracle forms application


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I have been looking through the Internet if it is possible to record a jmeter script, to use it later in Blazemeter, for an oracle forms application. In different forums I've found that it's not possible (even in the jmeter forum) because jmeter is not compatible with the oracle forms protocol. (In one forum it is said that It could be possible to record a script, with difficulties, but it won't work during replay because of the dynamic encryption used by oracle forms).

For that, I suppose it's not possible to test an oracle forms application using Blazemeter. Just trying to be completely sure, I ask you the question.

Is it possible to test an oracle forms application using Blazemeter?


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Recorders in Blazemeter only record http/s traffic. If Oracle Forms generates such traffic, it could be recorded but if it cannot be played back because of the dynamic encryption, there is no point in recording it.
If Jmeter cannot support it, Blazemeter not supports.