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How to move robots from one hub to another?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have too many robots off of the Primary hub, how do I move some of them to another hub?


- IM slow/random refreshes
- UMP installer took too long to search through Primary hub-connected robots


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - HA


Recommended approach:

Create an archive package that you can drop on the robots that need to be moved.

You will need following information in the package:

domain = (domain_name)
first_probe_port = 48000
hub = (hub_name)
hubrobotname = (robotname)
hubip = (
hubport = 48002

Customer decided to use the IM Main Pane and select small sets of robots via multi-select, then Rt-click and then Move them to another hub and this was easy enough to accomplish.