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What are the essential core probes that need to be deployed on a secondary (remote) hub?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need to know which probes are recommended to be installed on a secondary/remote hub.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - INSTALL


  • automated deployment_engine
  • baseline_engine
  • cdm (for local monitoring)
  • distsrv
  • discovery_agent
  • hub and robot (controller, hdb, and spooler) of course...
  • nas and alarm_enrichment (if required for offloading AO/preprocessing rules or replication/alarm forwarding)
  • ppm
  • prediction_engine

Additional Information

Here are some further details/clarifications:

- automated deployment_engine
The automated_deployment_engine (ADE) probe enables you to deploy robots in bulk. Deploying ADE on a remote hub allows you to deploy robots in bulk to robots that were discovered via USM, that belong to a remote hub that the Primary hub cannot directly reach. To use ADE from the UMP USM portlet, ADE must be installed on the remote hub that the robot(s) will be reporting to.

- discovery_agent
The discovery_agent probe scans the IT network, pinging and querying devices according to subnet masks/ranges, credential profiles, and selected profiles. These scanning parameters are configured within the Discovery Wizard. You must deploy discovery_agent to discover any servers/devices that the discovery_server or discovery_agent on the Primary hub cannot reach on its own. You can also deploy discovery_agent(s) to offload processing from the Primary in medium-to-large environments. The most important consideration is that the target IP addresses can be reached from the installed discovery agent location. For further details see: 

- nas and alarm_enrichment
Deploy nas and alarm_enrichment on a remote hub to either a) offload nas AO profile/preprocessing scripts/rules or b) for alarm forwarding and replication when not using ATTACH and GET queues. Please see my discussion of some architectural considerations at this link towards the bottom of the KB Article: