How is Proxy used as Part of Private Location?
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How is Proxy used as Part of Private Location?


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We have created a yaml file which is being used as for a Performance Testing scenario in which we have several hostnames; most of them are internal network (these are being resolved through our internal network), some others are external (which of are being resolved through google DNS and so on) and finally, we have a single host which seems to be external but it can only be resolved through the proxy that we have in within the Blazemeter’s agent, itself.

This last hostname was created with as an external host but internally located, it can only be resolved in to the proxy itself, not internally nor externally. This test showed me an Unknown host exception.

This particular scenario raised a concern to me, does this mean that all my host names and IP addresses are not passing by the proxy but instead the proxy is just utilized by Blazemeter’s agent just to communicate with Blazemeter itself?

I want to know that if all the traffic that is passing by the Blazemeter private location agent, passes as well by the proxy I had configured or not?


This documentation was extremely helpful for this scenario, since I had to configure this particular hostname to pass by the same proxy I had initially configured the agent with, in order to make it work. (Which of I thought initially was unnecessary as the agent itself was created with the same configuration, but surprisingly it did work).


This is the documentation I had used for this scenario:




Release : SAAS



You cannot apply proxy settings to a single request in a YAML configuration file. They will have to do that through a JMeter script (they can create one running the test with local Taurus)

The document you referenced is where information about the proxy used in OPLs is located. 

Unless you set the script to go through the proxy, those requests do not go through the proxy. The proxy is there to allow the necessary communications to the BlazeMeter side of the equation. Anything involving the test (unless it's external) will not go through the proxy, as the whole point of the OPL is to make connections to internal applications not reachable from the cloud.