What probes must be running on the Primary hub post upgrade to 9.02 or higher?
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What probes must be running on the Primary hub post upgrade to 9.02 or higher?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need to know the core probes required to be deployed and running on UIM v9.02 post-upgrade.
What probes can be deactivated or deleted from the Primary hub?


Release: 9.0.2

Component : UIM - INSTALL


- guidance on how to optimize resource usage on the Primary hub server


In general on a Primary hub, here is a list of non-core probes that you may choose to deactivate or delete, e.g., if you're not using the features of a given probe or the probe has been deprecated and is no longer used post upgrade.
Normally, the primary should be dedicated to core functions, as opposed to monitoring/remote monitoring tasks, so other than some local monitoring of the Primary and its resources, remote probes should NOT be deployed and running unless you must do it from the primary for some valid reason, e.g., the hub's location on that specific  network allows you to reach the given target(s). In general, remote monitoring probes should be deployed and operate from a Secondary/remote hub.

- baseline_engine and prediction_engine should be running on remote hubs, not the primary unless one of the probes deployed there has baselines enabled.
- ace (note that ace is no longer needed/used as of UIM v9.0.2)
- audit (optional)
- assetmgmt (deprecated)
- cm_data_import (optional)
- discovery_agent (can be offloaded to another hub)
- discovery_server (can be offloaded to a child robot connected to the Primary Hub especially IF the probe_discovery queue is frequently backing up and requires a significant increase in memory and you're close to the local machine's limit already)
- fault_correlation (optional)
- qos_processor (optional unless needed for frequent origin changes)
- relationship_services (optional)
- remote monitoring probes such as net_connect, rsp, etc.
- telemetry (optional)
- topology_agent (optional)
- custom probes (unless necessary to be run on the Primary)

You can choose to deactivate one or more of the probes listed above, or do the following to delete them from the Primary hub, but if you need to save the probe's configuration/files for any reason first take a backup of the probe directory and save it off in a folder.

   - Deactivate the probe
   - Using IM, Rt-Click and delete the probe
   - Delete the probe directory from the file system
   - Ensure that the probe is gone within IM

Additional Information

- In later UIM versions, one or more probes may have been deprecated or no longer deployed as part of the UIM Primary hub install. Check with support if you have any questions on a particular probe and if it is required/necessary to be running on the Primary hub machine.