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How Can You Store and View Xerox Data, From a Legacy Product, in a CA View Database?


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How can you store and view Xerox data, From a legacy product, in a CA View database?


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There are three paths to pursue, to attempt to archive historical Xerox data from a legacy product: 

1) Extract data from Infopac as a LCDS 

    Supply resources to CA-Spool 

    Transform LCDS to a PDF 

    Write PDF (from Spool) directly to CA View. 


2) Extract data from Infopac as a LCDS 

    Collect the LCDS in CA View 

    Supply resources to CA View 

    Transform LCDS on-the-fly at browse time 


3) Extract and convert stored data (in Infopac) to a PDF, via third-party product "XPAF" 

    Collect in CA View with a SARFSS PDF collector